Teachers Success Stories...


Teacher one:


Thank you so much mam for educating us about the emotional quotient. Frankly speaking, I started making some changes in my life regarding emotional stress. & the session was really fruitful mam. Waiting for the next session. 


Expecting to know about how to manage a personal emotional stress and professional emotional stress, in our next session.


          Thanks mam. Have a good day.


Teacher two:


Whatever you are doing for us,  in my opinion authentically is needed to release our day today day stress. It gives us different energy to work mam; not only from our sessions but the way you treat us shows your generosity. We feel comfortable. And the name for the hall where we share all this is what comes in my mind is "Dnyandan Dalan".


Ok thanku mam. Have a good day

Teacher three : 
Actually mam we always need someone who can read our minds and helps us to come out from the difficult situation. And felt really comfortable not being a trustee but as a person who can be my well wisher. Even I read your blog on friendship really awesome.
Ok good night mam. And thanks for being there for us.

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