•                                            AN EYE OPENER. 

    This experience of my life was a real eye opener. With this I understood,

    what people have to do to get their children educated? 


    This is a small story of  two toddlers, one a little older than the other.  Everyday they get ready to go to the castle school in Mussoorie.  Their family live and work in nearby place of the school. They don't have money to buy all the amenities and facilities for their children but they have a facility where they can send their kids to learn.

    That facility is The Castle School. This castle school is above the small mountain, where no vehicle can go, even the two wheelers and bikes will have to be parked at the ground. And all the children have to climb up everyday to the school, even the toddlers.

    It takes 45 minutes to an hour to reach to school. Those of us who live in big districts may send our children to schools which are farther and also may take 1 hour to 2 hours but we have vehicles or the public transport.  Here there is no scope for any transport neither private nor public.


    They transport them selves with their heavy school bags.


    Before and After school they have to climb up and down for at least 45 mins to an hour. 

    And what did I learn from this?

    They were not complaining about it at all. In fact they were enjoying going to school and coming back home everyday. Their teachers also walk up and walk down everyday.  

    The Castle School, in the below picture behind me on the mountain, inside the trees. 

    When we zoom it is like this. 

    The school looks like a castle. So the school is called as Castle School. When I met these two fellows,

    I had a lot of questions in my mind, as,

    How do they find this everyday trekking experience?

    What do they do for sport in the school?

    How do their exams take place?

    How do they climb up in the rainy season?

    What if they couldn't carry their food?

    and a lot of them. 

    But I could not ask them, because they were getting late for their school. So I kept this for next visit. 

    But what I learnt is that even in the difficult situations we can keep ourselves happy, though we have a lot of complications in our own life, we can still find joy and keep going with it. It gets over.

    Please suggest me a question which I can ask them when I meet them next time. 

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