Dear all,
    As you know Emotional Intelligence deals with managing emotions. Our emotions are stimulated through internal or external stimuli. Our past incidences get connected, and memories related to it also get stimulated. Thus we experience emotions. Emotions prepare us to mobilise in emergency situations and guide us to get prepared for any situation which will take place in the nearest future.
    I want to know whether our emotions and memories get awakened even though external stimulus doesn't contain or produce any fear, horror, guilt, but produce good positive stimuli and still responses we get are sometimes related with other than only positive emotions.

    Thus the hypothesis is; "Emotional response to positive stimulus includes other than positive emotions."
    For this you will find some photographs/ Pictures down in the article. Pl. select one photograph.  And you will be writing answers to the questions asked. It will take only 10 to 15 minutes.
    And with this, I would like to invite you to take out some minutes (10 / 15) to visit this journey...................................
    There are some photographs in the attached folder.
    Pl. Pl. observe each photograph properly, Take your time to observe it, and answer my questions. If you feel your answers should not be read by other member’s of the group you can always use my email id. i.e. arati.suryawanshi@gmail.com or mindful.heart@yahoo.in
    Pl. think and write about it.

    1. After observing each photograph what thoughts and feelings are coming to your mind?

    2. After visiting them, do you remember any of the incidences of your life? Can you Pl. share that?

    3. To which context will you relate these photographs?  As  happy, sad, lonely, out of the world, witty, revengeful, or any other. I have observed various responses with many people.

    4. Pl. observe  them again and tell/write me what do you want to do now?

    Pl. experience this awakening, enlightening experience and give chance to me to experience Your  experience. 









    Author Arati Suryawanshi, is Ph.D. Scholar in Emotional Intelligence in Human Resource Management at Dr. D.Y. Patil University, Her Ph.D. research is supported with SEI Assessments, i.e. Social Emotional Intelligence Assessments, by 6seconds International, the NGO completely devoted to Emotional Intelligence. Each one of your comment is important for me. Please take this interesting survey and try to give the answers of above asked five questions here in comments or to me on my email id. Thank you in advance. 


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