'RapChik' effort by "Kaliedoscope",  Leader Aryan Mhase....With determination to bring change in humanity by his own " MEEZO" collection.

    When I was watching Television and surfing with news chanells to check with current news, I heard a door bell, and found standing Aryan outside the door with a Box in his hand and wearing a million dollar smile.

    When I asked him about it he said, It's something for you Arati Mawashi. And nicely explained his concept. He is just 12 years old and I got amazed by his thoughts and design concept. I asked him, 

    "With your design how will you be bringing the change in human mankind?"

    He said, " we all are in the era where we need to focus upon recycle and reuse. While recycling want ot make this process completely innovative." According to him it should not look as it was old and boring, then people will feel like using it again. So bringing more colour and more design or completely different design will change the whole sensation towards it. It will add Vibrancy and body to it. 

    " I have decided to apply this firstly with used canvas shoes." He adds."Canvas shoes are the best shoes and most of the school going boys and girls have to buy and use them, but later they are jsut thrown away and hardly reused, my thought is to bring change in them and with new colourful and innovative designs give them new life. I want them to look nice, inviting, attractive and vibrant."


    This concept is called as Camouflage. It comes with a wonderful carton, literature, and designed with trademark and logo with a cloth bag. 











    Bang on Aryan Mhase. Loved the concept and thought process behind it. Me with Mindful Heart Consultancy and with our reachout program Kaleidoscope wishing you and Heartiest Congratulations! And all the very best for your this conceptualised idea and many more to come. 

    Aryan Mhase is the leader in our "Kaleidoscope"  reach out program which is specially designed for kids of 5/6 years to 13/14 years. Where they learn about Emotions how to recognise them, understand them and manage them. Here are some links for your reference. Have a look.  

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