We at mindful heart consultancy wishing you happy new year with this unique concept of " Happiness and Emotional Wellbeing Jar."

    My dear friends, let's transform this coming year one moment at a time with Happiness and Emotional Wellbeing. Me with my family and the staff of MIndful Heart Consultancy, wishing you a very happy, properous and emotionally wellbeing year to you. 

    What is happiness and emotional wellbeing jar?

    It is any kind of  Jar you have or you can afford to have for you. It can be any empty jar lying at your place. Any new jar. You can keep this jar at your office as well. It might looks like this. 

    If you are in our list then you might have recieved it from our office already. This is our third year to create a unique gift for all those who are our well-wishers. It's a gift for Diwali and New year together. First year we have created a "Travel Kit." and Second year we have created " Happiness and Emotional Wellbeing Seeds of life."

    Thank you for your appreciation for our unique concepts that motivated us to bring this unique gift to you. This concept first time introduced by Elizabeth Gilbert and later by many people one of them is Mommy Potamus. They have created Happiness Jar. I loved this concept and taken forward it with addition of emotional wellbeing in to it. I feel that with this we are also actually bringing emotional wellbeing towards us. By opening the jar, We understood that our life is amazing and we can select a wonderful moment among all happened from the notes collected in the jar and we begin to think and feel about that event and we actually that time navigating from unnecessary,unwanted, low feeling or thought towards emotionally healthy thought and feeling. That is how we bring emotional wellbeing towards us.

    The basic idea : Every day you add a note to your happiness and emotional wellbeing jar that describes a moment that makes you happy, motivated, and brought smile on your face as,

    1. Your happiest moment of the day.

    2. Something you are grateful for, 

    3. A note from a loved one.

    4. A quote/ lyrics you liked.

    5. LOL moment,

    6. Notes from your kids about special moment spent with them.

    7. Memories worth saving.

    8. Surprise Gifts.

    9. Accomplished goals.

    10. Daily Blessings.

    11. Motivating thought.

    12. A word of Appreciations.

    or any important thing took place in your life brought a simle on your face. 

    Write it down, Put a date on it, and toss it on the Happiness and Emotional Wellbeing Jar. 

    When to Open: " Happiness and Emotional Wellbeing Jar"

    Some people like to open it before the commencement of the New Year, while others prefer to pop it open whenever life gets tough, Challenging, Strenuous and see how many amazing things happened in the whole year. Which gives a new medicine to live life in a new way. Which will give you an idea that how many wonderful events and lovely situations happened in the year. 

    With which our emotions, when at times unnecessary get navigated and can bring new energy and joy towards us. We believe that whenever we feel that we are stuck in some emotion or situation or thought we need to navigate and surprisingly this small Jar helps us in navigation of over intense emotion or unneccessary unhealthy emotion/ thought. You can try it out and let us know. 





    Matt Perelstein says (Jan 2, 2018):

    Great idea, Arati!! Thanks! Matt


    Arati Suryawanshi says (Jan 3, 2018):

    Hello! Matt, Thank you for your appreciation. I am getting appreciation from many of my friends around the globe. Some of saying that, they have started using it immediately. And some of them are saying that, they will see to it that they will remember to do it everyday. Wow!

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