Just before somedays, on 20th of March "World Happiness Day" was celebrated by United Nations and the whole world. I was very curious to know about our position as "Happy country" in the world. You can read the whole report on the website below. 


    When we understand our ranking in the world on happiness, it's not a very good story. As if we in India are actually completely in dark and as if we don't know anything about the concept of happiness at all. Or are we constantly engage ourselves in different other things than happiness? Or are we ignorant about it? are we facing very drastically important things/situations than the feeling of happiness in our country? are we forgotten that the happiness, glad, joy, curiosity, taking interest in new things, kindness, laughter, humour, fun, cheerfulness, joy, delightful, glee, glory are also feelings and they have a major role to play in our lives?

    Do we wake up with unhappy feelings? Do we have financial worries all the time? Are we sufferring from the choosing appropriate choices of our futures? Are people in our country supposed to be doing different other things than what they do? 

    Being a Clinical Psychologist, Emotional Intelligence Consultant and Family therapist, I would like to check with my own clients data. I have a feeling that there is a definite increase in the percentage of the clients who are sufferring from depression, frustration, divorse, relationship problems as between spouses, among families, in offices and between partners, among siblings, in the schools and various other professions. 

    We will be certainly looking into the data gathered at 'Mindful Heart Consultancy',  and also will be sharing different opinions of citizens from various walks of life and performing great positions in their own professions/businesses/services. Their take on this will be shared as well. 


    At mindful heart consultancy, We decided to categorise our clients in six different categories, as per their requirements and services offered in last three years. All No.s are in % of clients in that year.

    Categories are:

    1. Anger management

    2. Frustration in life

    3. Facing challenges in selecting careers

    4. Sturggling to have purpose for life.

    5. Difficulty in expression of happiness and other important emotions.

    6. Depression

    There is definite increase in the Total no. of clients of all the above categories, also we can easily observe that categories as depression, Anger management, Having purpose for life and difficulty in expressing the feeling of happiness are increasing every year. In terms of Frustration and facing challenges in selecting career, we can also observe increase in the year 2016/17. 

    I can understand there are limitations to this data. Because this is the data of one consultancy. But still it gives a picture of the society. Whether it is matching with the global observations, YES. Google data shows that every year cases of depression are increasing. 

    Still the further research on above report can be done, may be later that will be discussed. 


    For me happiness is something which we experience by two ways.

    One way is,  we experience happiness as an effect of something that we think or do. For example, 1. we completed our journey without any problem so we are feeling happy. 2. I could sing a song as per my own idea so I felt happy. 

    Another way is when we are in our own "happy state of mind." It may be sustainable virtue for some people and may not be sustainable for others. Looking at things through the lense of happiness. Happy state of mind helps people to accept the facts and vices. It helps us to manage ourselves to reach to a golden middle point of two completely different things than each-other. 

    The first ever Theory of happiness has been putforth by Aristotle. According to him, “He is happy who lives in accordance with complete virtue and is sufficiently equipped with external goods, not for some chance period but throughout a complete life.” -- Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics .

    Most of the times there are things around us they are means to lead us towards the happiness. As money, power, success, good relationships.

    When something take place to achieve any of these, we face struggle and feel unhappy.

    We In India might be taking time to bounce back on the path where we supposed to be.

    Do we do things for ourselves or for others? does that matter here?

    Yes, to attain our own happiness we need to do things for our own self, and we as Indians we are doing them for other people more than ourselves. We try to make others happy and in that process we ourselves remain unhappy. We call it "sacrifice" when it comes to all Indian women and also men who are looking after their families and not doing anything about their own life or passions. 

    We do get happiness when we see people around us are happy, and when we fed them well, and do thousands of other things for them, but are we ready to look for different various creative ways to live life with what we want in our lives? are we ready to accept the fact that we are not achieveing actually what we feel to achieve? Are we ready to accept the fact that we are struggling at the space where we need to explain others about our own state of mind? and express about what actually we feel and want to do in the moment or in the future? 

    Does the data above as shown in the graph explains the truth and puts some light upon above questions? 

    I think yes, the data about Depression cases and Anger management cases, Difficulty in Expression about their own feelings with others and living life with purpose show rise and that answers all above questions. 

    Question in front of us was if we know the answer of " WHAT" -- what is happening in our life? and also if we know the answer of " WHY" to the certain extent, why it is happening in our life? then do we know the answers of " HOW". And we found that we actually struggling with answers of HOW? 

    How can I bring that happiness in my life back again? What I will have to do? While giving a thought on this we at MINDFUL HEART CONSULTANCY decided to have a goal this year as " LET US SPREAD THE HAPPINESS." We connect it with our gift of this year. Every year we give gifts to our clients and people we know,  which is aligned with our goal and mission we want to do as we are in emotional intelligence consultancy and family therapy. 


    We want to initiate the process of happiness and want to give people some direction towards it. Our thought process took us to create this MINDFUL HEART HAPPINESS PLANNER 2019. And my clients, friends and many many people appreciated it like anything. We have taken this initiative to help people create happiness in their lives. And then that will be spreaded over to other people by them.

    Only feeling happy doesn't help, that is not longlasting, but when people are engaged with the feeling of happiness and connect it with their own passions that helps. MINDFUL HEART HAPPINESS PLANNER 2019, gives us an opportunity to choose various happiness activities/deeds at daily basis as we start planning for that particular day. 

    When we try to plan we also have a look at the happiness activity written in that date. Then it's our own choice whether we want to take up that activity ahead on that day or not, or some other day, we can also decide whether it is in our bucket list? You can also share with your near and dear  ones who may want to do something about it, or just by reading the activity in that date itself can help you in navigating your unwanted feeilngs or start a day with a new energy. That can help us in sustaining our happy state of mind. I think that matters a lot. 

    We, me as (original idea is mine) with my  interns and colleagues took almost  two complete months to bring on to paper, we were wishing to give to people as Mindful Heart Happiness Planner. 

    One of our well wisher gentleman have sent this picture who has mounted it in his office. We feel glad when people are using it and taking life seriously happy. 

    Here are some overwhelming responses of people who are sharing their thoughts on Happiness and MIndful Heart Happiness Planner 2019. Please check in .....Part II. 


    Arati Suryawanshi

    CEO, Mindful Heart Consultancy




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