"LE HOTCHPOTCHE" --- The only "Khichadi",  from which we can select things easily--- Non other than "THE MAURITIUS".

    I know it's little confusing, that, in spite of having a picture of a beautiful Mauritius, posting a picture of a beautiful Khichadi, "LE HOTCHPOTCHE". I felt Mauritius the same way. Pretty, Beautiful, Scenic, Pictureque and Balanced Mauritius is 'le hotchpotche' for me and for all those who agree with me. Recently I had visited Mauritius as one of the Delegate & Presenters from a diverse group of researchers around the globe. At Mauritius, which is the world's one of the paradizes, and it is just 40 by 60 KMs,  but it is Multiethnic, Multicultural, Multilingua, and Multicuisine. They say that, when you start your car and till it gets in to it's fourth gear you reach to the boundry of the nation. WOW! we actually experienced it.

    It has it all, and at the same time, as we can easily select all the things we added into the 'Le Hotchpotche', before we finish making and eating it. As Carrots, Beans, Tomatoes, Mungfalis, Corriandar, Green chillies, Cashunuts and so on, Same way we can select the beautiful places to visit in Mauritius as, Beaches, Mountains, Gardens, Valleys, Temples, or just a walk in the huge Malls. Each and every thing is just beautiful.

    After the International conference, which held in one of the biggest mall hotel of Mauritius, "VOILA, THE BAGATELLE",  I was going to come back immediately but since Vijay could manage to come, I could stay some more days in Mauritius. And visited many places. The offbit and common places which I loved to visit are, Pont Natural, and Blue bay, Bagattle Mall, Port louise Market, Catamarine Drive Day & ParaCeiling, Shiva Temple  and Paper Trees. 

    Sharing with you all some pictures here. 

    The International Conference: We were 22 representatives from all over the world. All of us have given presentations on 1st day of our conference and next day most of the participants had one day tour in Mouritius. Since I could stay longer I coun't join the tour, but I heard that, the tour was also The News on National Radio of Mauritius. 


    Some loved places from Mauritius. 

    The Pont Natural: The nature's marvel. The Bridge is created by the Nature. Here the sea is not like other areas of Mauritius like white sand beaches but here the sea is rough yet beautiful with all rocks and ocean. 

    The Cloudy and Rainy Mauritius:

    "Dhaganchi Chadar." i.e. Cover of Clouds. Through this mega cloud we can easily make out that it is going to start raining soon, the shining sea-shore and tiny sun rays are adding life to the whole atmosphere.

    The Blue Bay: You can't see any other colour but just Blue. Fresh blue. 

    The Paper Tree Garden: Paper Tree garden was amazing. I havn't seen any such trees before. 

    The Huge Rainbow:

    The rainbow was so huge as if the whole Mauritius was covered by it. It started from one mountain and was reaching to the other. 

    The Gunpoint Mountain: It was raining already. 

    People of Mauritius

     My write up cannot be completed without appreciating "People of Mauritius". Thank you Ravindra and Ritu who are in Mauritius for some more years Made our stay fabulous. Had a nice coffee and chocolates at Rajani Ramasuran and Mr. Ramasuran. Thanks to you too because you waited for us though your daughter was reaching to you from another corner of the world.

    The gentleman in a white T-shirt in the above picture is Mr. Bhiwajee, his forefathers came to Mauritius 150 years before. While having a look at Vintage cars parked near the Beach, We were naturally walked there to click some photos.













    Mr. Bhiwaji became very happy to share his 'Pringle Chips' to us, Felt Indian, with his special offer/पाहुणचार. 














    In My Own Reflection:

    It was our last day of our Mauritius tour. It was a very smooth journey and wonderful visits to beautiful places in Mauritius so far. Each and every moment I tried to remember while seating at the Blue Bay!  And suddenly remembered the " special khichadi", i.e. " LE HOTCHPOTCHE",  I cooked at my friends Ravindra & Ritu's home. What a lovely stay we had their home! Me and Vijay just enjoyed "Khichadi" so much because we couldn't eat together for almost  many 6/7  months, and never ever imagined that, I would be cooking Khichadi in Mauritius for both of us! It was suddenly a very important moment of our life.  'Khichadi', One of the Indian balanced fast food. (Because It has  everything in ot it. Carbs + Proteins + Vegetables ( vitamines) + Ghee (fats), and it can be made Non-Vegan as well.)

    Same as balanced khichadi, Mauritius is, balanced with beauty and nature and mixed with multiple things, yet, we can see them clearly to select to plan our day! Love you Mauritius!! 




    Dr (Col) Kunal Bhattacharya says (Nov 10, 2017):

    Wonderful write up of "Paradise on Earth". One of the most beaqtiful place I have visited. I was luck had a two years teaching assignment in Mauritius in DCDM School in Quatre Bornes, some 10 km from the capiatal Port Louise. I wish I could accompany you in the tour because I had so many friends there.

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