As you know dear, I always call you with some different names and you exactly know that I am calling none other than 'YOU'. Today, in this middst of your life where you want to fly above and more, I want to call you with this three "A"s. Hey! My Almond, Apple and Amygdala. Very weird right. But yes, for me it has quite a deep meaning to it. It denotes the place your "KARMBHUMI", the University of California,Davis. With the Almonds and Apples of the land which has different varieties and different people around, you have taken a next step to bring those specific changes in your life that is closely connected to Amygdala. You could break the pattern. Love you for that re.





    When we had gone to drop my daughter to University of California Davis, in 2014, my daughter Rahi started her Under Grad courses at UCD with a lot of dreams in her eyes. And every year came with a new energy, new information about her 'Self-Discovery', becoming a part of a lovely 'Taiko team' of the UCD, Art director of 'Bakuhatsu Taiko Dan', the another year came with, contesting an election in the UCD, and becoming a 'Senator', being a senator working on various teams and meetings with extraordinary people at 'UCD' and 'Sacremento', then starting her own club,  the idea of Start up hub, where she and her friends were reaching out with many new people and their ideas, and created her own club called as 'Start Up Hub', inviting youngsters to come to the group, attend their workshops to pitch their ideas, connecting them with various agencies to move further in their own path of future. Receiving an special accolade with the Bachlors degree in "International Relations" and that is, "Inspiring Aggie Award", that made the tenure at UCD yet more beautiful, versatile and dynamic for Rahi Vijay Suryawanshi and all of us as her immediate family. 


    The skills she was displaying every now and then were amazed us. She performed in Taiko as one of the directors and visited and participated in various show-case programs, one point of time, she sensed that the show case is not happening, she met with all her colleagues and had constant meetings with them and with the ignited fire which contagiously spreaded among all the friends of her Taiko group and they started having their show-cases. Wow! the same kind of leadership qualities she kept showing every now and then. 

    Contesting an election was not an easy decision at all. Especially when she wanted to  start her own group (Party) called, "Be Spoke" and contested the election, giving talks and interviews on UCD TV and Radio. She kept making people proud about her work, and about the teams she was working with. Today she is a completely different person altogether than she was at the beginning at UCD.           

                                                                                                                      A best planner, A decisive person, even in the most difficult time of her life, best at humour, Extremely lively, A Singer, A Dancer, A Taiko player, Relationship expert- whatever happence she always wanted to save her relations with people, Emotinally Intelligent, Bravely struggles for what she wants from her life, not just writing about you because you are my daughter, but I am really proud of you my dear. And needless to say all our blessings are always there with you to continue in your path of future. Constantly managing all 4 GPA and making a position in Deans list are the things regularly happening. How do you manage to do all this together? I feel proud of you my Chika, looking forward to see your new transformed side in application with many International Organizations in future. Love you loads. And Wishing you a graceful, enriching, all good news awaited Birthday!!!



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