" Even Mommy Tigress has the same emotions." 

    I have travelled with my family to most of the Jungles in India like Pench, Corbett, Kanha and Nagzira. We've been to jungles in north west Maharashtra, madhya pradesh, and even in other states in India including sancturies and National Parks. Many times we thought we may get to see tigers but we saw all animals except tigers.  Either our timing was not correct, or the weather would suddenly take a turn for the worse. :(

    Many times we could even hear animal 'calls' by 'monkeys' or  'deers' and we almost had close encounters. All the travellers saw it but till we reached there it had gone back into the jungle. People used to come back with their stories of their encounters with the tigers not one or two but many. Oh! Yes! Hum! Ok! WOW!..we used to say and we used to get responses like ...Better luck next time. 

    Some used to share their stories with 'masala' added in and gave us suggestions like, Please next time when you go keep saying, 'Tiger Tiger Tiger ........' and then it comes out to show you its face. Some suggested the exact opposite that, you should not focus only on the Tiger, just go around the jungle, see all other animals and then he will come to give you 'darshan'. That's the real beauty. 

    Though it was hard time for us we never lost hope. So we decided to go to ' TADOBA' Jungle this time, because we heard a many sighting stories.

     We decided all strategies this time to see this fellow.  Chose a right time to visit the jungle,  Took a correct guide with us who was supposed to know the jungle very well,  Selected a vehicle which has less noise,  no perfumes,  no noisy eatables,  already decided who will sit where, and also made our mind even if it doesn't happen it's okay,  we still can see many other wonderful activities in the jungle. We were ready, and so the journey began.

    We saw eagles, jungley hens and boars, ahead of that we also heard 'a monkey call' which means the tiger (tigress in this case) could be nearby but our luck was not with us that time. We moved ahead from there but we noticed some movement. We could acknowledge her presence there. When we were taking a sharp turn expecting her to be on the other side we could see Wild Dogs called 'dholes'. They said its a very rare scene in the jungle. "Oh! Ok! but where is she, 'the tigress'?" we asked. We also saw some birds in the way, 'The Cookoo', 'the paradise', 'the black herons', 'green pigeons', 'the kingfisher', and while our vehicle was taking a turn at the lake we also could see a 'Crocodile'. We were content. Now even if we couldn't see 'the tigress', at least we could see some important things and also could observe the nature and beauty of the jungle, so our sadness would be a little less. But we all wanted to see her, the famous tigress called Sonam. In 'Tadoba', there are lots of tigers. 89 is the number our guide told us. The thought popped up in my mind that, was a single one of them not feeling like coming out of its den? At that exact moment our car became slow, because vehicles in front of us were slowing down and all the Jeeps were standing in one line near the lake. All of them were saying that the Tigress Sonam and her three cubs were playing somewhere around there inside the jungle, and they can come to the lake anytime to quench their thirst. Wow! My whole body started feeling anticipation and anxiousness. Fortunately we found a great place to park our vehicle. The movement was supposed to take place from right beside our car. We saw her walk from the jungle towards the lake.

    She arrived,  as a Golden Queen of the Jungle. Confident yet steady steps. And she did a very wonderful thing.  

    Which I want to share with you all. First have a look at this picture. She came and went to the water to drink it and sat in the water showing her 'back' to us. We all started thinking that,  Why did she do that? For her cubs ? Was she waiting for them? 

    Then the all three cubs came one by one. We  could not believe that they all four tigers were there in front of us. Aha! 

    It was such a Magical View! We almost forgot to use our Cameras. They were there almost 25 to 30 minutes and 10 full minutes after watching all of them with open eyes, then we started using our cameras.

    What a beauty! I was craving to see one tiger and I got to see the four of them, a very loving Family of Tigers. Wow! 

    As soon as  the tigress Sonam, saw all her cubs, her body language changed,  she was sitting there but quite relaxed. Among all of them, one cub was almost a fully grown male and the other two were young female cubs. They all were playing with water and each other. And what their mother tigress Sonam was doing? She was relaxed now, since all her kids were around her. She turned her neck inside the water and took a nap. 

    The Tigress Sonam, Yes, we could also observe the sign of letter "S" on the neck just below her ears. That is how the name "Sonam" was given to her.



    I never ever can forget the things I observed with the "Tigress Sonam with her family." She is the mother of three cubs and she knew, how she needs to take care of them? Not over protective, not extra strict, and authoritative, just apt, loving, affectionate, passionate mother?  

    Of course not all the rules of the wild can be applicable to us but this one can. 

    When she was waiting for them, she didn't move at all till they all arrived there. Her male cub Raja, who was three years old, will be going away from her soon. But till he is with her its her duty to take care of him.

    Ofcourse once the cub becomes two/three years old he takes another territory. So the rest of the story is different to us humans. That may not be relatable at all.

    But the above experience left me spell - bound. I learnt that,

    "We can be strong and tender at the same time. Tenderness cultivates a strong loving heart."

    Can we elders do this with our children? Do they have a 'Right' to have their parent's acknowledgement, appreciation, care and tender behaviour, like the tigress family in the above picture? Can elders bring Emotional Intelligence in their and their children's lives? Wishing to have your studied comments. 

    Author, Arati Suryawanshi, is a Research Scholar in Emotional Intelligence. Her study is supported by the world - wide NGO 6 Seconds International. 

    "Nov. 20 is celebrated as United Nation's Children's day. So "6seconds"  the global Emotional Intelligence Network is celebrating this day as "EQ Children's day!"  While celebrating this day soon, this is the 2nd week which is especially celebrated on the theme " Relationship". First Week celebrated with the theme, " Self Awareness." We express our gratitude towards 6 Seconds International fot taking an initiative in this regard.


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