FAKIH HAJATAY MALEEHA ARIF says (Jan 4, 2019):

    We should not lack in our emotional balance , as it will makes us suffer in the activities we do. Teenagers and millennials don't understand these days that they are suffering from the emotional disturbance , which leads to the negative emotional imbalance in them , whatever the speakers have said about the emotional balance is correct in each and every aspect.Secondly , I would say that people who are having panic attacks, anxiety, which also brings a major change in their emotional aspect, they forget that it is a serious issue which is not good for their health. I am glad people are coming out with the mental and emotional problems these days, and I think the film industry people are making this stand to open up their problems and the millennials are somewhere getting influenced by them. 'SPEAK FOR YOURSELF, AND BE THE BEST OF YOURSELF.'

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