For me, achieving Emotional Balance is nothing but reaching our own mindful heart. I believe, that a mindful heart is one who feels 100%, understands 100%, with 100% awareness of being in the present. Once that is achieved, then it becomes easier for a human being to connect the present with the future to step up the ladder of success. 

    Arati Suryawanshi.

    When I was working with an institute before, I attended a meeting, wherein, my colleague and I were given one project to complete. When we started working on the project, we realised that we were having a hard time achieving it. My colleague was looking at it through the lens of performance while I was looking at it through the lens of detail. Hence, since we didn't have a common approaches to a common goal, our process was that much tougher. When we tried to look at it again, we found that, both our thoughts were important, both our intentions were the same as we both wanted our project to be done wonderfully. But our ways were completely different. Both the ways have their own assets to leverage and at the same time they also have their own flaws. Rather than indulging in confrontation, we decided to have a meeting. 

    While thinking about both situations, we found that:

    --Working on a project with more details gave us new insights and ideas towards it. Hence, we might struggle to achieve the project as we wanted it in our own way, in the given time-line.

    --At the same time, when we work with little more leisure and freedom, it is good,  since we work with joy. But again, there is a danger of not being perfect, or leaving important aspects unacknowleged.

    So, how to achieve what we want to achieve? And how to seek the Balance? 

    What did we do in the middle of this Banter; and could we reach to the answer of Balance?

    We both of us , decided to have a meeting,  When both of us were discussing it, we decided that, we needed to answer the question, why we were behaving like this. And we started thinking upon the question; what was affecting our balance? 

    What we brainstormed is the answer of the above question. 

    We reached a few facts: 

    1. We are unable to do it as expected because we have suddenly stopped giving a ear to each other, as if we don't know how to use hearing ability. 

    2. One thing we found that, we were getting hijacked by our own emotions. As if we were stuck with a Fevicol over there. No one wanted to move from that space. 

    3. Another thing we understood is that, we were reacting as if we were tied or we were working from our default modes. 

    4. We also found that we have developed a pattern. And not only this situation but also other situations we want to perform the same way. 

    5.  Our empathy for each other suddenly reduced. 

    6. Our goal shattered, no coordination, synchronization and no motivation to achieve what we supposed to achieve.

    7. Decision making capacities were on hold. They were actually not working that particular time, and even if they worked it was not for common good. 

    8. And we were very far from understanding the consequences about the situation. 

    We have discussed many other things but these were the main points which I feel important to place here. 

    Emotional Balance, or balance of any thing, takes place when two things come together with all their good effects. But it can take place only when we understand the imbalance. When we decided to minimize the flaws and work towards a common purpose, we started seeing the light, hope, various other options, and ultimately SUCCESS. We need all the above things to reach the balance. And we need both the parties to move towards it, have action towards the balance. 

    The answer to reach the emotional balance is to become mindful, look closely towards the situation and thinking from heart. 

    What happence when we apply our mindful heart?

    1. With this 'WISDOM' is added into our final decision.

    2. We develope a differenct perspective for Our final decisions, regarding our relationships, our work, our family situations, our social situations.

    3. Our reaction turns into response.

    4. Our overall Health improves.

    5. Our Emotional well-being improves.

    6. We become smarter than before with our emotions as well as our decisions. 

    7. We become more able to be in our own present moment awareness. 

    8. We are more able to understand our consequences and connect our present with our future.  And step up on the ladder of SUCCESS. 


    Arati Suryawanshi

    Researcher, EQ Consultant,

    C.E.O. Mindful Heart Consultancy

    Fort Mumbai, mindful.heart@yahoo.com

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    FAKIH HAJATAY MALEEHA ARIF says (Jan 4, 2019):

    The main thing that comes up, with this blog is that perception matters, but with that perception you should be good enough to respect their opinions. Its's okay you don't follow them but try to maintain a good distance with them.. keep your opinions in front of them and see what they have to tell .. In this way we build up a good emotional balance in the relationship with others.

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