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    Hello! Everyone,

    Long back I have written couple of Articles on Parent-Child Relationships and they have published on my blog here. I have a big no. of readers and they are around the globe. I got a call from a well known Media gentleman, and he appreciated my write ups, also he liked the topics and the way I have written about it. He also wanted to share them in media. I thought It will reach to more people and more parents,  many families will be helped. 

    By working as an EQ consultant and Family Psychologist I always wanted to do something applied and solution based. So tried my best. If any of you like my these blogs I am sharing links with you all, Please give your comments. and if ever you like my interview you can give your comment here on this write up. 




    The interview has been published on following News Papers and Magazine. 









    1. The link for the BS Business Standards: 


    2. The link for the India Today: 


    3. The link for the Deccan Chronicles: 


    The points covered in the interview are: 

    1. Creating 'There for you feeling' improves self-esteem and overall growth. 

    2. Empathising with children doesn't mean that let them do what they want to do but rather understanding their emotions.

    3. Let us stop burdening children from unrealistic expectations.

    4. LIsten to our kids carefully and nonj-udgementally. 

    5. Be there when they need your support.

    6. Avoid reacting immediately to your child's actions but take a pause and rethink and respond rather than react.

    Feeling Glad that Good newspapers and magazines have taken Cognizance of my work as a Emotional Intelligence Consultant and Family Psychologist. 

    Also thanks to the very Alert journalist. Thank you for reading my blog and understanding the importance of the share and topics which he felt are needed to be reached to many parents and people. 

    Please drop in and give your comments. Waiting for you. 

    Arati Suryawanshi


    Mindful Heart Consultancy





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